Robyl Press has just released BUCKTAIL TALES, a 43 minute audio book of battle scenes, folklore, and rough humor culled from the Bucktail novel series by William P. Robertson and David Rimer. Read by Robertson, the excerpts capture the escapades and heroics of the famed Civil War sharpshooters who served in the 42nd and 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry units. The CD traces the history of the marksmen from the birth of the original Bucktail Regiment in April 1861 through the deadly battles of Second Bull Run, South Mountain, Gettysburg, and the Wilderness. Interspersed with this action are accounts of grueling marches, a deadly duel, and off-hours fun playing games and visiting Washington. One dramatic passage takes the listener inside the skull of a wounded private at Antietam, while another details the dangers experienced by the New Bucktails guarding Elmira Prison Camp. There's also an encounter with a woman disguised as a Union soldier that's both educational and entertaining.

BUCKTAIL TALES was recorded in Duke Center, Pennsylvania at a studio owned and operated by A.J. Curtis, who served as engineer and producer. David Cox of Bradford, PA designed the distinctive artwork that features Bucktail reenactor, Jefferson Dedrick, on the front cover. Autographed copies of the CD may be ordered for $12 each (postpaid) from William P. Robertson, P.O. Box 293, Duke Center, PA 16729. Make checks payable to Bill Robertson.

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