PRESS RELEASE: ATTACK IN THE ALLEGHENIES After the regional success of AMBUSH IN THE ALLEGHENIES, William P. Robertson and David Rimer return with a second novel featuring the freewheeling mountain men, Lightnin' Jack Hawkins, Bearbite Bob Winslow, Will Big Cat Cutler, and Alexander MacDonald. Much of the action of this new adventure revolves around the Delaware village of Kit-Han-Ne (modern-day Kittanning) from where chiefs Shingas and Captain Jacobs led their warriors on a reign of terror across Western Pennsylvania. The Indian rampage had devastating effects for Hawkins and his trapper buddies, too, for they soon found themselves out of work and near starvation. ATTACK IN THE ALLEGHENIES is also built upon a series of ironic situations. Will Cutler married an Iroquois princess to start a family but soon finds his wife cold and distant. Hawkins, on the other hand, values his freedom above all else only to fall madly in love with the Delaware maiden, Little Mink, who helps him escape from the clutches of her own bloodthirsty people. Then, there are the villainous Miller brothers who capture Jack to sell him for beaver pelts at Kit-Han-Ne. Instead, they barely escape with their own lives when Shingas decides to adopt Hawkins into the Delaware tribe instead. The weak become strong and the strong become weak during the course of this face-paced novel set on the Pennsylvania frontier during the second year of the French and Indian War. After Delaware and French forces burn Fort Granville on August 1, 1756, Jack and his pals join Colonel John Armstrong's colonial army and participate in the raid against Kittanning. Unfortunately, the destruction of the Indian terrorist base showed Jack that the white men were no less cruel than the Indians in exacting their revenge. During the terrible battle, he sees his loving Indian mother gunned down and her scalp brutally ripped from her head and then must save the life of his little brother, Red Hawk. The authors gleaned a wealth of information from primary sources before starting work on their novel. Carefully depicted battle scenes, actual remarks by the original officers and chiefs, and graphic details of Indian torture enliven the action for modern readers. Stark photos of Native American reenactors and Pennsylvania forest scenes also add a touch of authenticity. The culture of the Eastern woodland tribes becomes another integral aspect of the book as Robertson and Rimer recreate Delaware dances, Iroquois burial rites, and Indian fishing and farming techniques. ATTACK IN THE ALLEGHENIES is available directly from Infinity Publishing online at or by phoning (887)BUYBOOK.