Robertson Releases a Humorous Autobiography

STORIES FROM THE OLDEN DAYS takes the reader on a nostalgic ride back to the baby boom era of the 1950s and '60s. William P. Robertson describes the book as a combination of MAD MAGAZINE and CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN. With humor being the main focus, each story is arranged like a Spike Jones parody record. It starts with a sentimental memory from Robertson's childhood and ends with a funny punchline. Some of the topics covered are Little League Baseball, sled riding, tree houses, and childhood mischief. The author also discusses fights at school, good and bad teachers, and not so happy romance. Along the way, he reveals the incidents and people who influenced him to become a writer. Come join in the games, jokes, and fun from a time uninfected by political correctness. An old-fashioned horselaugh provides the appropriate soundtrack. STORIES FROM THE OLDEN DAYS is available as a paperback and as Kindle, iPad, and Nook ebooks.

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