Bucktail Book Special

I'm currently running a Christmas special on the Bucktail novels. I'll send you all 7 books for $75 postpaid. That's HAYFOOT, STRAWFOOT: THE BUCKTAIL RECRUITS, THE BUCKTAILS' SHENANDOAH MARCH, THE BUCKTAILS: PERILS ON THE PENINSULA, THE BUCKTAILS' ANTIETAM TRIALS, THE BATTLING BUCKTAILS AT FREDERICKSBURG, THE BUCKTAILS AT THE DEVIL'S DEN, and THE BUCKTAILS' LAST CALL for just 75 bucks. That's a smokin' deal! To purchase your autographed Bucktail book set, send a check or money order made out to Bill Robertson to P.O. Box 293, Duke Center, PA 16729. I again wanted to remind everyone that I do book talks and presentations. For more information check the July 11th entry below.

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