Welcome to Author William P. Robertson's Website

July 4, 2007 Thank you for tuning in to my new website where Bucktails battle and waters boil bloody. I began writing in the 1960's, pouring out my feelings in rhymed verse meant to impress my teenage friends and woo reticent coeds. From there, I wrote song lyrics for a local rock band before seriously pursuing a career as a freelance writer. I spent most of the 80's writing horror when I found that 80% of my spooky stuff got accepted by magazines, while only 10% of my other work found its way into print. Being that my partner, David Rimer, and I spent the last fifteen years finishing seven historical fiction novels about the famous Civil War sharpshooters, the Bucktails, I thought I should end my first News Entry by telling you about some of the main characters you will meet in our books: Bucky Culp is thirteen years old when he enlists in the Bucktails after his half-breed father was killed by wolves. He endures a lot of prejudice due to his Indian heritage. His bravery gets him promoted to sergeant, and by sixteen he is wed to Sarah Pfaff, who Bucky meets after the bloody Battle of Antietam. Jimmy Jewett is a sissy preacher's son who lives in Smethport, PA, birthplace of the Bucktail Regiment. His stint as a drummer boy ends after he captures Reb prisoners at the Battle of Dranesville. He is also a very caring, religious individual and Bucky's best friend. Hosea Curtis is a hulking sergeant who would just as soon brawl with his own squad as the Rebels. He is a big drinker and gets in trouble with the brass for his brash, rebellious nature. Boone Crossmire is a fun-loving private who is forever bragging about his shooting ability. His yarns and talltales add a touch of humor to the grim business of war. Frank Crandall is a serious, cool-headed soldier who acts like a big brother to the others in his squad. He meets a gruesome death at Fredericksburg. Colonel Thomas Leiper Kane founded the Bucktail Regiment in April of 1861. He was the first Pennsylvanian to answer President Lincoln's call for volunteers at the outbreak of the Civil War. Although Kane was described as "jockey-sized", his bravery and patriotic fire win the respect of his men. Adjutant Ross Hartshorne is an excellent Bucktail officer who becomes their commanding officer in 1863. His personality conflict with Bucky Culp adds tension to the novel series. Sarah Pfaff is a young German farm girl Bucky saves from a Bucktail deserter named Whalen. This spirited girl becomes the love of Culp's life.