Bucktailsandbroomsticks.com Gets a New Look

Recently, my writing became so diverse that it was necessary to overhaul bucktailsandbroomsticks.com.  This website will now focus exclusively on my historical fiction collaborations with David Rimer and information about my family and writing career.  My horror writing has been moved to a new home, http://www.thehorrorhaven.com, where you can delve into all things Gothic and macabre.  I've also created another website to publicize the new Viking series on which I'm collaborating with South African Author, Fiona Ingram, and Pennsylvania artist, David Cox.  To learn more about the Dane Wulfdin novels, please visit http://www.viking-sagas.com.  If you enjoy my Bucktail and French and Indian War stuff, stay right here!  But have your musket cocked and ready, for the Rebs and Delawares are ready to spill out of the woods with ear-piercing shrieks and sharpened bayonets and axes.

Best wishes,

William P. Robertson

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