William P. Robertson is a versatile and prolific writer of novels, short stories, autobiographical sketches, and poetry. A recognized historian and speaker, William excels in well-researched novels with dynamic characters and is best known for his ten-book Civil War Bucktail series co-written with David Rimer. The authors' French and Indian War Alleghenies series set in the wilderness of colonial Pennsylvania has also been well received.

     Equally popular are Robertson's tales of Gothic horror. These stories abound with sensory details reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe and Jim Morrison, both strong influences of his style. Based on local legends and traumatic personal experiences, William's horror conjures an eerie atmosphere that chills right to the bone.

     Lately, Robertson has added humor to his artistic palette by revisiting his childhood of the 1950s and '60s. He writes these sketches with generous portions of delight, insight, and youthful exuberance. Word economy and irony, like that practiced by Ernest Hemingway, are equally important to his approach.

     Truth be told, the author's first love is poetry. He is fascinated by the variety found in this genre and is equally proficient with free verse, shaped verse, and rhymed styles. Winning a poetry contest in ninth grade first ignited his passion for writing that has lasted for over fifty years.

     To explore Robertson's entire catalog of books, visit his author page at Amazon.com. The link is posted on the "Links to Others" page here at Bucktails and Broomsticks.


Residual hauntings, cannibalistic monsters, and spontaneous human combustion add to the fear factor in Robertson's latest collection of spooky stories, Ghosts Revisited 8.


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Just Released!

MORE WAR by William P. Robertson contains realistic accounts of the Battle of Valcour Island, the Battle of Trenton, the Battle of Oriskany, the Wyoming Valley Massacre, the Battle of Queenston Heights, the Battle of Lake Erie, the Battle of the Thames, the Attack on Villere Plantation, and the Battle of New Orleans. Told from the point of view of the heroes and villains who participated in these conflicts, MORE WAR will blow you away!

Allegheny series continues

In the third Allegenies novel set in the Pennsylvania Wilderness during the French & Indian War, long hunter, Lightnin' Jack Hawkins, survives the Battles of Fort Duquesne & Fort Ligonier only to encounter the rogue Iroquois princess, Dark Star. Dark Star divorces her husband the old-fashioned way. She murders him!


Ghosts Revisited 7 contains 22 more chilling tales from Pennsylvania and Western New York. This time, Robertson supplements his ghost stories with a history of creepy dolls, the folktale of the Lake Erie Storm Hag, and the adventures of an Indian shaman.


William P. Robertson introduces his readers to a diverse group of personalities in this collection of 20 unsettling tales. Meet the Ghost Boy of SUNY Geneseo and horror filmmaker, Ryan Cavalline. Learn how Rosa Carmichael turned Homestead Orphanage into hell!


Infidelity, lust, and murder define William P. Robertson's Ghosts Revisited 5. With its release, the world just got a little creepier!