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William P. Robertson: Press


Even if I hadn't read the other series, I already know they were all good.

The story is readable and well-described. Life at the time of war is presented. The author proved to be skilled in this genre, transporting readers to a time where the story exists. Using pictures serves not only as an ice-breaker but also provides information and insight into the book.

Using also the younger generation as the center of the story makes a great impact on that generation. It enables them to connect with what the characters are really feeling at that time, how one feels under the pressure of life and death, and to grow and become a true person in the middle of a civil war.

The book is both an educational tool and entertainment. I was informed and at the same time I enjoyed reading. This is an easy way to educate people about America's history, not by giving long and tedious lectures but by letting them read a book/series/novel that would entertain them and keep them reading.

I recommend this book to all historians or should I say educators out there, since using this tool to teach kids would be enjoyable. I recommend it to teenagers, too, who want to virtually experience the Civil War.

avry15 - (Nov 15, 2011)


I won this book thru Library Thing, and it was a quick read. It follows two fictional characters who are brothers, Henry and Willie Cole. I really did like the writing style of this author and felt like I was there along with the characters seeing and experiencing what they were doing. I have never read any books by this author before, and I was really impressed by it. This book was fiction but based upon actual events that took place at Gettysburg. I highly recommend this one to all history buffs.

lg4154 - (Oct 23, 2011)


Brave Men's Blood is a historically accurate cloudy Memorial Day, not a Hollywood sunny Fourth of July study of war. Brothers Henry and Willie Cole and their cousin, Asher, are the focus of the tale of the last Civil War battles of the Fighting 149th Bucktails. We are drawn, sore feet and weary heart, full into the world of boredom, love, all too human superiors, and occasional failures punctuated by the cannon blast of blood lust and fear of battle. These are men and boys stuck in a war that needs to happen but is hell to fight. A worthy followup to The Bucktail Brothers of the Fighting 149th and the original Bucktail series.

Larry West - (May 31, 2012)

Times were hard on families during the Civil War years. In THE BUCKTAIL BROTHERS OF THE FIGHTING 149TH, the Cole family's barn burns down to the ground. Money is tight, and they don't know where they are going to get the money to rebuild the barn until their sons Henry and Willie Cole decide to join the 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry led by Lieutenant Colonel Walton Dwight. Their mother is distraught at the thought of her two teenage sons going off to war. Their father felt that way at first, but the $100 cash for the boys joining would help raise a new barn and keep the farm going for a while.

Henry and Willie say goodbye to their parents and head off with their infantry unit. They quickly learn the ways of being a soldier, even though Henry is a little cocky at times and Willie is stubborn. The two brothers become part of the Pennsylvania Bucktails that fought on the fields of Gettysburg. Their fellow soldiers fell dead and others are wounded, but with great courage, the boys fought on.

I love anything about the Civil War and reading book one in the Bucktail series was a wonderful treat for me. The book is aimed for middle graders and young adults, but adults can enjoy the historical accuracy of it. I felt for Henry and Willie as they are far too young to be in the middle of a battlefield. The majority of the photos throughout the book are of real Civil War reenactors, which gives you an idea of how people dressed during the Civil War. This is a wonderful book for kids to read, and it should be a mandatory read in school classes that are studying the Civil War. Kids will be instantly interested in the Cole brothers because they are about the same age. I recommend THE BUCKTAIL BROTHERS OF THE FIGHTING 149TH to all readers.

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