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William P. Robertson: Photos

The third novel in the Alleghenies series was written by William P. Robertson after Mr. Rimer retired.
In this book Jack Hawkins' family is annihilated by the worst sort of treachery.
Jack must then hunt down the rogue Iroquois princess, Dark Star.
While searching for Dark Star, Hawkins fights in Scottish Major James Grants' disastrous attack on Fort Duquesne.
After the battle, the survivors of Grant's army retreat to Fort Ligonier where they repulse two French assaults.
Hawkins then deals with the Indians who murdered his family.
Jack's quest is a lot more dangerous than he expects!

The Bucktails

With the help of co-author, David Rimer, Bill wrote a seven-novel series that traces the entire history of the 13th Pennsylvania Reserves. The regiment is also known as the Bucktails, the 42nd PA Volunteers & the First PA Rifles.
Introduces the boy heroes, Bucky Culp & Jimmy Jewett
Details the hardships of the common Civil War soldier
Most action-packed Bucktail novel
Jimmy gets shot by the Rebels; Bucky by Cupid
The regiment has its most casualties of the war
More heroics at Gettysburg
The Wilderness, Spottysylvania Court House & hell!
Bill first learned of the Bucktails on a sixth grade school trip.  Ironically, he attended Lincoln Elementary School.
Billy's sixth grade classmates gather around the Bucktail Monument in Gettysburg to hear the history of the regiment in May of 1962.
Bucktail Bill a.k.a. William P. Robertson
Many thanks to McKean Co. Company I Bucktail reenactors.  From l-r are Kyle Nobles, Sergeant Tom Nobles, John Stengel, Chris Beatty, Sergeant Clarence Walker & Larry Fox.
An actual Bucktail (Courtesy of McKean Co. Historical Society)
Bucktail Company I Private, William N. Maxson, was only 17 when he was killed at South Mountain. (Courtesy of Bob Houben)
Daniel Blett seved as drillmaster for Company K of the original Bucktails.  (Courtesy of Dr. Gary Grove)
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