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William P. Robertson: Photos


William P. Robertson specializes in Gothic horror in the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.
LURKING IN PENNSYLVANIA collects three decades of Robertson's best horror stories and poems, many of which appeared in magazines worldwide.
Ghosts are the focus of Robertson's second book of macabre tales.
TERROR TIME includes Gothic horror, psychological horror, and dark fantasy.
Robertson's "greatest hits" collection contains all his best horror stories in the same cemetery row.
SEASON features a scary encounter with Bigfoot and a trip to the haunted Hinsdale House.
Robertson raps, rhymes, and recites his way through some of his best known horror poems on GASP! Eerie sound effects and music enhance his first audio book.
ShadowFox contributes four Gothic rock songs to compliment Robertson's spooky sci-fi and horror poetry recitations.
Robertson's horror is a scary ride through bleak tableaux of overgrown graveyards and stark moors.
Read him if you dare!

French & Indian War Novels

Bill is dressed as a 1750's woodsman to promote the new French & Indian War novel, AMBUSH IN THE ALLEGHENIES, he co-wrote with David Rimer.  Order your copy online from Infinity Publishing at
The cover for AMBUSH IN THE ALLEGHENIES was painted by prize-winning Bradford, Pennsylvania artist, David Cox.
AMBUSH IN THE ALLEGHENIES relates the adventures of four Eastern mountain men caught up in throes of the French & Indian War.  Below, reenactor Bob Houbin portrays a typical free trapper of the period.
The heroes of AMBUSH are Lightnin' Jack Hawkins, Bearbite Bob Winslow, Will "Big Cat" Cutler & Alexander MacDonald.  Mac is an expatriate Scot who came to America after Culloden.  Below, John Stengel models a Scottish woodsman's garb.
Bold Wolf was a vicious Ottawa chief who brutally murdered Will Cutler's father.  Below, Brett Meoisko portrays an Eastern Indian warrior like those who spread terror in AMBUSH.
A detailed account of Braddock's Defeat near present-day Pittsburgh, PA is included in Bill & David's F&I War novel.  Robert Stray Wolf, Cliff Two Hawks & George Standing Elk demonstrate how the Indians ambushed the British.
The Indians surrounded Braddock's men and picked them off like one pigeon.
The British not shot were clubbed to death or burned at the stake.
As Arron Oliphant demonstrates, the British made great targets decked out in their bright red coats standing in the open in close formation.
Braddock was sent to capture Fort Duquesne held by the French Marines Du Contrecoeur.  Reenactors Dave Bybee & Josh Mihalick model the marine uniforms.
In  the second book of the Alleghenies series, Lightnin' Jack Hawkins is captured by rum traders and taken to the Delaware village of Kit-Han-Ne.
After General Braddock's army was slaughtered, the Delaware Indians of Shingas and Captain Jacobs go on the warpath. They use Kit-Han-Ne as their base camp.
The Delawares burn all of Western Pennsylvania including Fort Granville.
After escaping from the Delawares, Jack Hawkins leads the colonial army of John Armstrong to Kit-Han-Ne to destroy the Indian village. He's sickened by the brutality of his own people.
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